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The JACE group purchased the Auckland Pack and Cool Facility from Verekiwi in 2006. JACE also own the Mount Pack and Cool (MPAC) facility in Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty.

APAC has the resources to pack approximately 3.5 million trays each season, and a combined on-site and satellite cool storage capacity for 1.75 million trays. MPAC, our sister company, packs around 5 million trays, combined we equate to around 6% of the national crop. 

Our sole site is located in Ardmore, South Auckland, from which we are able to conveniently service growers from as far as the top of the North Island, to just across the road, and are only five minutes off the southern motorway. 

Along with our extensive coolstorage facilities for packed fruit, rooms we operate 4 Controlled Atmosphere rooms and 3 bin store rooms which enable us to significantly increase the amount of fruit we can pack each season (an extra 700,000 tray equivalents).

APACs’ friendly team is dedicated to providing a low cost, high quality service with a focus on helping our growers to consistently achieve industry leading orchard gate returns.